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Growing is a sign of life

Young Jewish Professionals

As we journey through life, we often find ourselves far from home, searching for a sense of belonging and connection to our heritage. For young Jewish professionals and students in Taiwan, this can be especially challenging.

But what if there was a place where they could find comfort, community, and a deep connection to their roots? A place where they could share Shabbat meals, learn Torah, and celebrate Jewish traditions with like-minded individuals?

A space just for YOU

Our Young Jewish Professionals and Students Hub in Taiwan is that place. A beacon of hope and warmth, where young Jewish hearts can find a sense of home and belonging.

Your support means the world to us. It will help us provide a safe and welcoming space for these young individuals to grow, learn, and thrive. It will help us preserve the Jewish legacy and ensure a bright future for generations to come.

Jewish Continuity

Please join us in creating a haven for young Jewish souls in Taiwan. Your contribution will bring joy, comfort, and a sense of belonging to those who need it most.

Together, let's build a community that will warm the hearts of young Jewish professionals and students in Taiwan, and keep the flame of Jewish tradition burning bright!


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